Catering facilities

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Marina (restaurant)

You can try homemade specialties at the newly renovated Marina restaurant in the Y / C marina Mali Lošinj. Given the location, the view of the sea is mesmerising while your view of the plate will always reveal fresh, local ingredients prepared in an excellent manner. Fish or meat specialties, quality vegetables, delicious desserts and top quality wines will make you fall in love at first bite with the original gastronomy of Lošinj.

Silvana (tavern)

This family-owned tavern is known for traditional dishes and good food; from the aromatic Lošinj gnocchi, risotto, fish specialities and meat (lamb) specialities to omelettes made from Lošinj asparagus, island maneštra (Croatian version of minestrone) and buzara (a local stew variety made of scampi or mussels) by grandma Dora.
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