ADDIO - a sculpture dedicated to the wives of Lošinj seafarers

‘Addio, my beloved!’ she spoke into the wind and waived at the sailing ship disappearing over the horizon...

Every ship that was about to depart from Lošinj to embark on a long voyage would dock in front of the Church of the Annunciation at Čikat Bay, one of the island’s most beautiful bays, and before setting sail the crew would disembark to pray the rosary with their families at the church.

Addio honours that tradition, love and fidelity, and the 178 m tall bronze statue stands exactly where Lošinj wives used to bid farewell to their men as they embarked on long sea voyages.

It is dedicated to Marija Stuparić, Captain Aldebrand Petrina’s wife, who waved at her husband as he headed on long voyages and waited for him to come back greeting him at the same place. ‘Goodbye, my beloved!’ she would speak into the wind waiving a white handkerchief to the sailing ship that was disappearing over the horizon. Then she would return to the small Church of the Annunciation of Mary (Annunziata) to pray for his happy return. It is the initials of that dear and self-effacing woman, the wife of Velološinj Captain Aldebrand Petrina, that are placed on the handkerchief.

They were married for 32 years, but spent only 13 months together at their home in Lošinj.  Seafarers’ wives had to be strong-willed, persistent, patient and ready for anything that may come. 

The statue is an artistic representation of a woman wearing a traditional layered dress, that appears to be carried away by the wind. The idea originated from the folk custom that is becoming lost in the mists of time and aims to ‘recover’ it by reconnecting the local community with that heritage. Addio represents love and faithfulness. 

Academic sculptor Zvonimira Obad created the sculpture.

Every September during the LOSINAVA Festival ‘Salute to the Captain’ is re-enacted to honour the tradition.

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