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Distant Chords

Distant Chords – from Osor to mobile devices! With one click bring back Osor history to live!
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Lošinj transversal

On the main road towards Čikat and Sunčana cove, turn towards industrial zone at the crossroads with traffic lights. Go straight and after 500 metres, turn left at a little crossroads. 
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Museum of Apoxyomenos

The Museum of Apoxyomenos is a unique archaeological and architectural cultural institution in our region and it is entirely dedicated to only one exhibit – the bronze statue of a young athlete, the Apoxyomenos. The statue was discovered in 1997 by a Belgian tourist at the depth of 45 m. In 1999, it was taken out of the sea where it spent nearly two millennia.

The Tower - Museum of Lošinj

Freestanding circular Tower in the centre of Veli Lošinj was built in the 15th century, during the first decades of Venetian domination over the eastern Adriatic coast. With thick walls, small openings, and a relatively low in height to withstand cannon fire from the enemy ships, it was defending the inhabitants of Veli Lošinj against pirate raids. 
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