Apoxyomenos natural cosmetics

Apoxyomenos natural cosmetics

The ancient times is a period when the cult of the body was extremely popular and a great attention was paid to personal hygiene. Besides washing, the basic care also included body massage and scented baths with the use of precious oils and balms, and they were equally enjoyed by men and women. Scents that were popular at that time were musk, amber, incense, cinnamon, and thyme and they were used for perfuming the temples, embalming, and sacrifices. The cosmetic products saw a boom in the ancient Rome due to the arrival of Greek physicians and encyclopedists. Roman women used balms, oils, and powders for skin cleansing, and they also made soaps from fat and lime. The ancient Rome was known for making many cosmetic and medicinal agents and preparations such as paste against skin flaking, creams, balms, baths, and perfumes.
Apoxyomenos cosmetics is principally based on oils, most notably olive and almond oils, and scents used in the ancient time such as musk, myrtle, amber, orange flower, and iris.

Mirta Lozančić, aromatherapist, Mirta natural cosmetics
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The natural cosmetics line Apoxyomenos from Lošinj is used for skin treatments similar to those in the ancient times. Apoxyomenos, the ancient Greek athlete of a body of Apollo slept hidden for centuries in the waters of Lošinj. We have created a scented mixture of essential oils from vitality island's plants that reminisce us of the ancient Greece when caring about physical appearance was an essential part of the way of life.

Sandra Nicolich, aromatherapist, The Garden of Fine Scents

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