Sustainable development and responsible tourism are of key importance for Lošinj’s development. That is why, in cooperation with the Zagreb Institute for Tourism and with the people of the Lošinj archipelago, we worked on creating the Tourism Development Strategy by 2020. We are implementing its segments into our development, thus preserving the area, at the same time working on our development as a destination of excellence and strong investment momentum. 

Managing the town and Lošinj as a destination widely recognised for its long-standing tradition in the tourism industry, is a great responsibility.

It is a special challenge coming up with the ways of ensuring that an already developed tourist destination achieves further growth, while making sure that its environment and unique characteristics of the local community are protected. 

The Town of Mali Lošinj Sustainable Tourism Development Project is in accordance with the current market trends and its implementation plan is integrated, long-lasting, ambitious and optimistic.  

Starting from the characteristics forming the identity of the archipelago, and the preferences and expectations of an ecologically and culturally aware tourist, in recent months The Town of Mali Lošinj Tourist Board worked systematically on building the Lošinj – the Island of Vitality destination brand, which fundamentally relies on the concept of sustainability.  

Around the concept of vitality, Lošinj has been developing its identity and destination image, promising its visitors will “feel their life energy and wellbeing restored” and that is possible only in a well-preserved and healthy environment with a vivid and diverse cultural scene and, overall, a high-end and competitive tourism offer.

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