Key activities

Activities under the Act:

1. Promotion of the destination at the municipal and town level, independently and through joint campaigns, 

2. Management of public tourism infrastructure managed under the powers vested by the town or municipal government,

3. Participating in setting the goals and tourism development policy at the municipal level,

4. Participating in creating conditions for efficient coordination between the public and private sectors, 

5. Supporting optimisation and harmonisation of economic, social and environmental benefits,

6. Creating strategic and development plans for tourism at the town level, 

7. Encouraging and participating in improving the municipality or town with the aim of improving the destination experience in general, except for the construction of public infrastructure, 

8. Regularly, and at least every 4 months, gathering and updating information about the tourism offer, accommodation and catering facilities (cultural, sporting and other events), opening hours of healthcare institutions, banks, post offices, stores and similar and other information necessary for tourist visits and travel, 

9. Issuing promotional material, 

10. Providing information services related to tourism offerings,   

11. Supporting and organising cultural, entertainment, art, sporting and other events, contributing to the broadening of the tourism offerings, 

12. Coordinating activities of all persons directly or indirectly involved in the tourism traffic thus enabling reaching of agreements, establishing and implementing the policy of tourism development and expanding of the tourism offer,

13. Stimulating, organising and implementing activities aimed at the preservation of tourism area, enhancement of tourism environment and protection of the environment and natural and cultural heritage, 

14. Inciting, enhancing and promoting specific natural and social values that make a municipality or town recognisable as tourist destinations and setting preconditions for their commercial use, 

15. Maintaining a unique visitor list for a municipality or town, especially for the purpose of ensuring residence tax compliance and professional data processing,

16. Daily gathering and weekly and monthly processing of data on the municipal or town tourism traffic , 

17. Evaluation and gathering of data on the tourist check-in and check-out with the purpose of establishing cooperation with the inspection authorities in charge of supervising the calculation, collection and payment of residence tax and tourist check-in and check-out,

18. Inciting and participating in population educational activities in the field of environmental protection, preservation and enhancement of natural and social values of the area, with an aim of raising awareness of the importance and effects of tourism among its members, i.e. their employees with the purpose of improving the quality of services,   

19. Organising, implementing and supervising all the activities involved in the promotion of the municipal or town tourism product, in accordance with the municipal or town tourist board’s guidelines, annual activity programme and financial plan, 

20. Creating a unique tourism information system, tourist check-in and check-out system and statistical processing, 

21. Performance of other activities prescribed by the Act on Tourist Boards and the Promotion of Croatian Tourism or other regulation. 
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